Although my tutor referring so much to the importance content, I thought I knew how important era and did not understand the concept of the process itself. It is here where I wanted to reach, the amount and the quality of content that we upload to our web site. It is not possible to generate traffic and much less quality traffic if we are poor in original content. We all know that if we have quality content, we will be noticed on the web, especially by other sites considered important what we will bring the desired input links. But there is also another very important thing: imagine that after reading our article in a directory the user is going to our website and when you arrive don’t find much useful information or even useful, there is little. What does? then goes and does not return ever and your experience on our web site was not positive.

Imagine, instead, which a user enters our web site looking for specific information, not only find what you were looking for, but always within the same field, find answers to many other things which had not thought before. In the end, you have a positive experience. What do you think will happen? It will stay much more time on our site and you will surely return, thus increasing traffic and above all generate for us an adjective of subject matter expert, something that is very important to continue generating traffic and in order to have more palatable positions in the organic search results. It is for this reason that I would like to note, that whenever we put an article in a directory, we promote our blog or site on a social network or with any pathways that exist for this purpose, we must make sure that it is important to have a mass of content not indifferent orginal, it is necessary to work on base to get quality content quantity which is necessary to strongly support an article or other advertising form. In addition to many other very important things, this is one of things thanks to which we could be considered as competent and could generate traffic and make money, working with Internet. To your insurance success!

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