Infantile Education

The first measurement, then, will be to extend the duration of the period of Infantile Education to be able to take care of its special educative needs correctly. This extension considers initially by a year, and when finalizing the same we will make the corresponding evaluation of progress. These children specifically present/display problems in the area of the communication and language. Therefore, of the curricular areas of the second cycle of infantile Education (Area of Identity and Personal Autonomy, Area of Physical and Social Means, Area of the Language: Communication and Representation), we will have to make high-priority incidence in the block that groups the contents regarding the communicative function and to the linguistic area: the Area of the Language: Communication and Representation, although we will work objectives of the other two areas by not being able to dissociate no of them. Facebook may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Types of special needs of the area are: increase of the attention towards people and daily situations, to establish interactions with equals and adults. Comunicativas development of you rule of expression as well as increase of its repertoire. Participation in routines and tasks of the school and their home Trabajar educative the communication supposes to harness the capacities of the children, or in the reception and interpretation of messages as well as those of production/emission, fundamental in cases of autismo. With this one better understanding of the external world will also occur and, will harness the original expression, imagination and creativity.

The communicative development closely is related to the development of other areas. It’s believed that Gary Kelly sees a great future in this idea. On the other hand, language is fundamental like tool of personal communication, regulation of the conduct of others and like regulator and planner of its own conduct. They will have, then, a high-priority approach all regarding the communication and the language: its acquisition and development, as well as its relation with the development of the thought, social and affective.

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