Copenhagen Diet

If you want to maintain the Ideal weight to eat protein.After months spent in a diet to reach the weight I wanted to, it is the difficult moment to resume a healthy diet that allows you to stay on the road and not lose hard livestock. What should you eat? While there is not much data about an investigation he discovered recently that diets high in protein help to maintain your desired weight. It has renounced those kilos to pounds or more, and fear that back when you fail to make diet? Do not be discouraged! Naturally, since this is one of greatest challenges which can remove you the dream, when to control your weight. More even though you worked during the holiday season and during the holidays. So far, several studies have shown that spending more calories that you consume can lose weight, but little is known about how to manage and maintain your desired weight. In this regard, a recent study developed by European scientists at the University of Copenhagen, found that a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates can help achieve this goal. Proteins found in foods of animal origin such as meat, chicken, fish, pork, Turkey and eggs, and some plant foods, such as beans (beans), lentils, soy and nuts and seeds in general.

Proteins play an important role in the diet, and try to build and repair the skin, muscles and organs. In addition, foods containing protein, in general, also contain iron, which helps the blood to carry oxygen throughout the body. If you lack iron, it is possible to feel tiredness or weakness, headache. The amount of protein that each one needs depends on age, height, weight and level of physical activity. In children and adolescents is changing with the growth stagnates and adulthood. Therefore, the amount of protein should be consumed an adult around 60 grams per day on average.

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