Cocktails Drinks

Alkogol – Thief of reason, so it was named by the ancient settlers. On the intoxicating properties of alcohol people know from distant times when there was pottery, which allowed to produce drinks made from honey and grapes. Firewater delight mankind for centuries, but then there was no such a variety of drinks as they are now. But despite the huge selection of alcohol, each of us prefers favorite brands, we restrict access to the fascinating world of various beverages. This blog will help you to understand this world of beverages. Sdes you will find stories of your favorite beverage, and learn how to do it on their axle cocktails.

Learn how glassware used for drinking certain beverages, how to determine the quality of digustirovat and drink and much more. On our website presents the main types of sprtnyh beverages (whiskey, tequila, rum, gin, vodka, brandy, liquor, wine). Describing the history of their appearance, the regions of production, technological features. Information about the leading manufacturers and brands will help you better understand the wide range of alcohol products in stores and restaurants. By using this site you will be able to expand their ideas about alcohol, will be able to discover new facets of loved ones, but have become familiar drinks, a dip in a unique range of tastes and flavor cocktails. Also, you will find information on what equipment and tools used for bartenders making cocktails. Will be explained terminology dictionary with the help of which you can easily obschatsya with bartender in his language. Learn the secrets of some napikov. After all, before they were used not for pleasure slices. Recently, the ability to understand the alcoholic beverages was considered a sign of good taste. So success in the knowledge of the world most interesting drinks.

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