Wiesender Assistant

Employees of the bakery Wiesender hatched in original roles and outfits calendar already the Eyecatcher of the year Rohrbach / excising Bach (mh) – due to Baker image stuffy at: original, cheeky and funny the staff calendar 2014 Wiesender (www.wiesender.de) of excising Bach bakery in the district Pfaffenhofen presents itself. After a few weeks, he is considered the catcher of the year. Created, also in the greater Munich-Ingolstadt-based advertising agency ADVERMA brand communication (www.adverma.de) has the calendar and the accompanying Facebook campaign. “A bakery many faces” was the motto as a Wiesender Assistant for camera and calendar in original, sometimes a little quirky roles and costumes hatched. However, before the photo shoot in the bakery could begin, a lot of preparatory work was necessary. The tight timeframe for the project posed an additional challenge for the Agency. A calendar that falls out of the ordinary and the bakery with charm and humor fresh and youthful puts in scene: that was the task of the Agency.

First ideas were collected in coordination with the client and a graphical concept developed. The next steps were the selection of the photo models and the photographers, the creation of the script”for the shooting and the procurement of props. On several afternoons, a part of the Wiesender bakery in a photo studio was transformed then in the last weeks of the old year. Like true professionals and also make-up and styled posed the Wiesender models in front of the camera of Ingolstadt photographer Ritchie Herbert, while Jo-Ann Oswald (consulting) for ADVERMA brand communication is directed. The photo shoot was a special experience for the participants and a welcome break from the daily routine. And made it included fun bakery owner Karl Wiesender, who also is seen on the cover in unusual Panel and pose. But even greater enthusiasm, as in the Wiesender bakery was the result of the whole Work in hands held.

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