Viral Marketing

Make the site more difficult. Gary cohn recognizes the significance of this. The good thing special web studios and freelancers are many. Or if you want you can learn how to design the site yourself. For example, on engines WordPress or Joomla. But to make a website – it's bad.

So he started make a profit from sales of goods or services it needs to be properly unwind. At the initial stage, all have long used techniques learned by rote: the registration in the directories of links to social bookmarking and various boards ads, RSS-feeds, buy eternal links or links with a monthly renewal shall be recorded in the article directories. Yes, these techniques can lead to your site a couple of hundred other visitors, but attendance at such profit will be small. Therefore, many people understand that we must find a way that will get crowds of potential customers without spending money and, preferably, in the promotion of a site involved not only you but also your readers. Yes, exactly the hundred or so people who every day visit your site. And such a method exists. His name is 'viral marketing'. Though the name sounds a negative tone, nothing negative in this technique there is no promotion.

Principle simple – you run the mechanism of promotion, to be distributed independently of you and like a snowball will grow with the recommendations of readers and viewers. But how to run a virus? How it can be do? Look at three key points. 1) Video. Today, the Internet, there are many video sharing, in which you are free to fill in your video.

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