Videos of terror. It is obvious that for any skeptic or believer, the connection with the people of this world will be impossible. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as David Rogier by clicking through. What I recommend is finding information, view videos, listen to audios and tell us definitively about what some consider the terror is not more than a simple connection with the things we label as abnormal. For example, the case of Emilie Rose already known by a lot of people because the movie was real. In fact not long ago managed to get the real audio of this woman who was dispossessed of the demon who had been inside and that a priest through the powers of one force majeure (for some God) managed to save her. Of course I also I was surprised by this fact, not to go farther, to not believe. Our reasoning sometimes does not reach the strength necessary to believe in paranormal things that, as I said before, always hard to create. Another thing that struck me much was a video of horror in which you can see a little girl in an abandoned building that you can see it in

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