Reinvestment Plan

An investment may be difficult. There are many types of investments as well as many types of accounts that can be used to invest. It is more difficult with a small amount like $100, but it will be sufficient to meet the minimum investment or minimum account balance. However, there are options. Invest 100 dollars 1.-determine the purpose of your investment, including objectives, risk tolerance and the calendar. This will help to eliminate unsuitable investments. research investment options to help determine where to invest $100. 2.

Investigate the types of accounts and investment companies. Some companies offer non-traditional forms of acquisition of investments. It allows people to invest without minimum in different actions. However, you must pay a Commission. A Commission of $4 part of your investment, so be in mind.

Another good way to invest in an individual action is through a direct Reinvestment Plan. There are companies that you let you buy shares directly from them. Their dividends are then reinvested in several bags, which allows you to develop actions in time. Not all companies have drip programs. 3 Open an account. Generally, you cannot buy the regular investments of a bank account you already have. With a small amount, many brokerage firms do not can open you an account, so you have to look for one with a minimum balance if you want to go that route. Make sure that there is a quota of low balance in any account you open. Also make sure that there is an annual fee. Learn more about this with Sir Richard Branson. Your best choice is probably a financial institution online. If you want to use a program of PRD, contact directly with the company. 4. Purchase your investment. Mutual funds are good choices, but most have a higher $$ 100 minimum. Any way to avoid that is there. Many investment funds offer limits more (some as low as $50) Netherlands for investment funds bought within one He has ANGER. Of course, in an IRA, you do not may withdraw money until 59 1 / 2 without penalty. If you are using a drip program, your money will be invested in automatically by the company’s actions.

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