To carry a pregnancy without any problem and avoid the risks of losing the baby, it is very convenient to provide for your diet. To make your diet healthy for the baby (and of course for you), should incorporate a large amount of fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains and water. Remember that some eating habits can be detrimental to the development of your baby, and those are where you should try to avoid. What you should avoid in your diet? (1) If you are of those who are attracted by the junk food, you should know that they provide calories of more, and almost no nutritional benefit (as if healthy foods do). You should change this habit. It is advisable to set aside a hamburger with French fries and choose a steak with salad.

(2) The consumption of alcohol and caffeine prevents your body to properly absorb two very important nutrients for pregnancy (folic acid and iron), which are essential during pregnancy. You should stop consuming them could result in lack of these nutrients problems in the development of the fetus. (3) The recommended percentage of fat to the diet of a pregnant woman is 20%. All foods have a percentage of fats, fruits have between 3 and 14%, between 3 and 10% grains, vegetables between 1% and 10%. It is virtually impossible not to eat fats, but they are not needed in large quantity. (4) At present, preservatives, colorings and flavorings are found in the foods we eat, and there is also a percentage of hormones and antibiotics.

Although these elements are collaborating with the taste of the food, they also produce small amounts of chemical residues. Most of them are not bad, but it is advisable to avoid them. For example, one of these chemicals is the additive flavoring monosodium glucamato (MSG), which may result in the pregnant headaches and stomach discomfort.

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