The objective of the present work is to identify and to analyze which the reasons that take the entrepreneur (franqueador and made available) to opt to the system of surmountings. For in such a way, first, one searched to trace the profile of the entrepreneur and to define what it is empreendedorismo. More specifically, they had been identified to the main reasons for the establishment of the surmountings and the found difficulties, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the use of the business format. The information on empreendedorismo in surmountings had been acquired through theoretician-bibliographical basement. Using itself of descriptive research of field, they had been analyzed and interpreted the tasks of made available and the franqueadores of the net of fast-food Griletto – Grelhados and Parmegianas.

As result one expects that enterprising, that they need information to expand its business through the surmounting system, they find in this study a guide to get clarifications. Under most conditions Oracle would agree. EMPREENDEDORISMO the word empreendedorismo has French origin, (entreprende, entrepreneur) and means to intermediate. Originally she was used to call the person who was between the supplier and the market, facilitating the exchange process. The enterprising person can be seen as innovative, whose capacity is to transform the exchange into potential in a real exchange. (DORNELAS, 2001). According to Hisrish (2004), empreendedorismo it is the process to create something new with value dedicating the necessary time and the effort, taking the financial, psychic risks and social correspondents. It does not have an only definition for the term empreendedorismo, therefore the concept engloba some characteristics, depending on the profession where the entrepreneur if finds. However it is possible to perceive in the diverse definitions the direction of that empreendedorismo is the act to use to advantage chances, to innovate, to plan, to risk, to pledge, to be perseverante, to believe an idea and to transform it into reality, what it can be applied to any area, beyond the businesses.

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