Packaging Industry

One of the physical principles on which the axle can build a device for determining the distance – the measurement of time passage of sound waves in the measured medium. In order to measure short distances and increase the accuracy measurement using ultrasonic frequency. At this prinitspe relies on ultrasonic sensors, which in some cases can act as a proximity sensor, proximity sensor, proximity sensor, the sensor level. Ultrasonic sensors Microsonic have several advantages. For example: – High accuracy over a wide range of measured distances – Ability to work through the barrier – Proximity – proximity sensor can work at unfavorable environmental conditions: dust, smoke, fog, harsh environment – Ability to work with various substances, particularly with bulk – ore, cement, grain, etc. – Complete sterility of measurement – Ability to work as a distance sensor to the hot and raplavlennyh objects. This is possible thanks to the temperature compensation. Thanks to these characteristics, ultrasonic sensors can be used as proximity sensor, position sensors, proximity sensors, level sensors in such industries as: – Industrial automation – control filling bunkers, tanks, even in Overpressure (Ultrasonic sensors Microsonic), control and availability of materials and containers on conveyor belts, speed control units for use with analog output sensors, process control.

– Food industry – control of filling containers, monitoring the availability of products, process control. – Packaging Industry – and control the availability of most packaging products in containers that control packaging materials. – Medical Industry – Printing and paper industry – control of the jammed sheet, double sheet control. – Proximity Sensor for Robotics (automobile industry, automatic assembly, positioning of parts for robots) – Measurement of dimensions – measure the height and width, height control installation, measuring the diameter of the roll control slack, breakage filament wire. – Positioning vehicle detector occupancy. Collision control tower cranes and other processes.

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