Otmar Knoll Investment

The successful concept of the plant confirmed the sixth real estate investment company. The R@S rating services AG has now already sixth real estate company mbH & co. KG from the House of fairvesta taken more closely scrutinized. As a result stood for the Fund rating”an AF, synonymous with outstanding. We are very proud of the again excellent assessment of our participation offer”, so Otmar Knoll by the fairvesta group of companies. It confirms our strategy on a property market which gaining in importance with an inflation rate beyond the three percent”, so Knoll next.

The rating analysis based on interviews conducted in August with the management. In addition, the R@S rating services AG gave insight in the prospectus, more opinion as well as the business and annual reports of successful predecessor Fund of fairvesta I to V and the fairvesta private placement. The Fund number six is a … innovative product in the area of closed-end real estate fund with potential profit opportunities, the investment risks are minimized by good dispersion and various control mechanisms. Achievements of the predecessor Fund income document”the feasibility of the forecast values, R@S founded his judgment.

In addition, that the prospected sensitivity analysis based on previous results in the worst case case expels still 8.61 to 10,74 percent annual surplus depending on the type of participation, which shows the high reliability of the system. In the best case, surpluses from 14, 23 up 16,52% are expected. A placement risk is hardly given due to the placing power typical for larger initiators, highlights Knoll. The fairvesta group has established itself on the market for the purchase of highly profitable German real estate foreclosures, Bank exploitation and legal and specialized. The existing know-how and appropriate market access much of the appreciation achieves already with the purchase. So the average shopping factor amounted to just 55 percent of the market value. Coupled with the high quality and stand location on proverbs at the sale an appreciation of the assets of the companies achieved in the previous year up to 57 percent. Returns of the predecessor Fund I prove that the concept is successful, now up to V. Learn more at: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. “And so the motto also applies to the sixth real estate investment company: never change a winning team”. Especially in turbulent and uncertain times of bank failures, credit crises, and increased inflation rates reflect increasingly international large investors on real estate as a safe and valuable investment. The sixth fairvesta real estate investment company and private investors, the Fund concept by the flexible withdrawal options and maturities opened an individual investment opportunity which offers this access. fairvesta MVC AG the fairvesta group of companies is currently active in Germany and Austria, as well as the Switzerland. The activities should be extended to other EU countries. Our core task We see as a service provider is to make real estate transactions accessible for everyone. We use the success principle of institutional investors. This is fairvesta after the ancient wisdom of the Merchant: the profit is In the shopping! The resulting above-average yields remained reserved so far institutional large investors.

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