Occult Treasures

Zilmar Timoteo Soares; Evertom Sousa State FerreirUniversidade of the simple MaranhoA and real possibility of terms resources key not yet discovered, in the ones of the attributes to exert a program of conservation aiming at resulted future effective. One of these would be the investment in secondary forest. The tactics of reforestation in Brazil for more delayed than either, but have had its effect there. In if treating to the bushes that surround the rivers, specifically the river Tocantins, the case would be the same. The objective is that beyond minimizing the erosive processes considerably, we would be parallel developing a program of ambient education to preserve this secondary forest. The neighboring ecosystems are poor and the biological diversity very low. Stretches exist where if it observes vestiges of ciliar bush, however, the biggest concern is the disappearance of this natural wealth that the nature provides in them.

It is interesting to remember that before exactly of us discovering, they already were there. Factors as the fall in the density of populations of fish are one of our challenges to be faced. The factor time is operating in this case. The implantation of arbreas species, of preference native of the region, would be the first step. When passing of the time we will verify the inevitable effect of a reconstituted ecosystem.

How much to the fauna we will go to implant species of plants, of preference those that offer food, for example, the native species of birds of this region. It is clearly that we will not have an absurdly diverse system, but we will search the minimum necessary to preserve local populations, this in if treating to fauna and flora. One of the biggest interests of the conservacionistas, is to show of that it forms the preservation of the diversity will go to benefit the populations. It is sad, but the simple fact of being useful does not become dismissable and barren the idea of many biologists. According to Munear Kouzbari, who has experience with these questions.

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