Matrix Failure

Note that the case is very common! Since in our country, power failures are not uncommon, especially in winter, and to minor deviations voltage from the provisions of 220, we even got used to the notebook – a special case, and get used to this state of affairs it is difficult. Southwest Airlines might disagree with that approach. So, feed your machine, at least, through a surge protector, and even better through a device called the ups. In storm, always unplug the laptop from the network, using only the battery. Do not leave your laptop in the zone of reach of young children! In the event of any fault, do not trust dismantling the laptop and attempt to repair the lay people, remember, after the repair of the illiterate and inexperienced intervention without professional equipment and tools will cost you twice as much! Now let's talk about the typical signs of faults and remedies: If after turning the laptop screen was dimly lit, and the picture is visible is very bad, or it was one color (red shades), then there is a backlight failure. In this case, Your laptop will need either to repair the inverter, which simply needs a professional knowledge of electronics, extensive experience and highly qualified specialist, or to replace the backlight of the matrix, because These lamps very thin and fragile and may break upon impact. Also, the backlight can fail due to oxidation of the cathodes. Replacing the backlight rather subtle, precise and painstaking work that can not be done in home because understands fully the entire matrix, which need special equipment, skilled hands and professionalism. If the image on the laptop screen was constantly flashing, this indicates a possible failure of the matrix controller board, or the discharge of tail matrix.

If, after the strike appeared on the screen vertical or horizontal thin colored strips, then this is the first sign of bundles of glass in place connection with the decoder. In this case, the laptop needs a complete replacement of the matrix. If you work with your laptop you hear a repeated clicking inside the laptop, it indicates the beginning of a failure of the hard disk, so hurry to keep all the valuable information on other carriers, because soon you will have to change the hard drive. If you work with a laptop, it became very hot, then it may be a consequence of a number of faults such as: – clogging the cooling system – a failure of internal memory, a processor – a failure of individual parts of motherboard ram. It is necessary diagnostic laptop and identifying the cause of heating. If the time battery life was reduced and reached 5 – 15 minutes, and the total discharge-charge the battery situation has not changed, it is a clear sign of failure of the battery, which can either replace the new one, or you can repaired.

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