Long Consumption Improvement

Editor’s Note: Brazil, South America locomotive is unstoppable, but some warning signs arise in its interior. Higher consumption and greater investment, with a large population that demands ever more but great demand and as much investment, are dangerous? Can send me your comments to: much consumption and investment in Brazil is good or not? Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 29, 2008 how many aspects that today, shows the Brazilian economy are to criticize? Really few, very few. The Brazilian economy is experiencing one of its best moments and in it there is a lot of merit of their rulers that every moment, when they make decisions, make it thinking in a long-term perspective. I’m not saying that they are perfect and not make mistakes, but I understand that they prioritized to achieve substantive solutions to problems that are presenting, as for example, the issue of imports of wheat from Argentina, where Brazil is decide to achieve self-sufficiency to not depend on one country, where his Government every so decides to close the export quota regardless of the commitments made. That’s at least the feeling that I generated my. Brazil continues to grow strongly despite the crisis unleashed in the United States.UU. It continues its course.

Slowly, but surely, the quality of life of its population is improving (although still much to do in the area of income distribution). Force that growing domestic demand in Brazil showed improvement in the economic situation of the population. From Argentina and Uruguay, the improvement in the economic situation of the Brazilians can be appreciated by a growing number of them who year after year visit our lands for tourism. The improvement in the purchasing power of a country with a population amounting to 190 million people and macroeconomic and institutional stability that evidence of Brazil, which is nearing of obtaining investment-grade credit rating, make it very attractive for investors.

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