Do you think you are experiencing a change in the consumer mindset with this crisis?, Because today the consumer is giving priority to the “good price” before quality. Let me disagree with that statement, I do not think that customers in any industry or product quality are giving up rather say that the current crisis we are “forced to learn” and create us is pushing us further analyze the habit of to be more critical and demanding higher quality and greater service to price we pay for goods or services, that is, and this from my point of view is very positive, clients, among whom I include myself, are or are learning to value more the quality / price of products or services we consume.

What is the biggest difference in your business to the competition? First, the structure, and from there I think it also sets us apart from our competition our philosophy, not define ourselves as “sellers”, but rather as advisers, and this mode of operation as noted in the behavior of our customers which feels comfortable in our relationship and without the need to be “defensive” as they would be against the “traditional salesperson” also differentiates us being very active in the use of networks as a major tool Networking dissemination of our work (with presence in Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and likewise difference whether we use a type of distribution similar to multilevel distribution to deliver our range of products and services to market. .

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