What has to do the LeaseForce AG with underwear? A combination of innovation, growth and funding of the object. Every day, most of us have a printer in use to create documents. New techniques but have made long production machines from printers. The 3-D printing technology is able to produce three-dimensional objects. The latest innovation is the production of textiles with 3-D printers. And the role of the LeaseForce? They funded the equipment.

Munich, 28 November 2013 – the LeaseForce AG serves not only its traditional markets with leasing and hire purchase solutions. She has written on the flag to look for innovative and interesting niche markets in which competence, transparency and flexibility a major role in the financing of the object can accept. This, it arrives with the entrepreneurs of LeaseForce AG to that growth and the earnings power of these niche markets sustainably secure entry. The LeaseForce AG looks the par to the entrepreneurs, because only through mutual understanding and The successes are in these new markets confidence in personal contact. Such a field is the 3-D printer technology.

In addition to 3-D objects like for example models of houses, vehicles or machinery, newer devices even with the use of latex and wool fibers of construction of can produce garments. Just in underwear, which is worn directly on the skin as functional underwear, naturally breathable and elastic synthetic fibres are used, best also seamlessly when used in the sport. Now the 3-D printer technology is used for the production of these textiles. It is able to produce accurate and seamless garments in one step. There is the LeaseForce AG with leasing and contract hire offers available for the financing of investments in this growing market. The entrepreneurial LeaseForce AG offers leasing and financing solutions. Can mobile objects such as vehicles, machinery, capital goods, medical equipment, funded systems for renewable energy, etc. be. The LeaseForce team consists of highly experienced Leasing professionals and offers sophisticated financing strategies for upcoming investment projects to its business partners. The close cooperation guarantees optimum solutions for customers with lawyers, accountants and software developers. The workflow system developed in house for sales leasing is guarantor for punctuality and reliability in business transactions.

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