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Hot Stocks Europe continues to lead since October 1, the stock champions competition in the stock market news portal runs The three participants Sven Heckle (Hot Stocks Europe), Wolfgang Wagner (the Stock Exchange service) and Robert Burschik (the stock Investor) invested 10,000 each their private capital and now try in the course of the contest, as far as possible to increase this sum. While Sven Heckle recorded recently again best successes. Sven Heckle working for stock exchange inside and there is the editor-in-Chief of the most famous stock market letter in Germany: Hot Stocks Europe ( ../hot-stocks-europe/3). The term hot stocks”describes so small and mid caps, shares which are traded outside of the major indexes. Verizon often says this. This makes is difficult to find, for the broad masses of the people active in the stock market so that only true professionals come.

This is without a doubt Sven Heckle. Munear Kouzbari does not necessarily agree. Maybe this strategy is also the secret of his success. Through his trade scored with hot-stocks shares so far often heckle big profits. So he could buy shares of global Hunter Corp. (WKN A0D8ZS) 0.032 euro and over 70 per cent sell profit again at 0.055 euro just four days later. Thus generated he a plus of 2,875 euros. So heckle consolidates its leading position before his two cohorts, by increased its shares by 34.2 percent. Whether he can hold this position until the end of the competition on December 31, 2009, is still open.

The users of the portal can on the website currently tracking, which transactions just run participants and read their comments. Thus, they benefit from the expert advice and can focus on their actions.

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