At the end of 20 century and the beginning of the 21 are marked by the hegemony of the liberal thought. The politics that also predominate in the period are known as Consensus of Washington: it disciplines inspector, commercial opening, privatization, elimination of restrictions the external investment, interest and exchange defined by the market and intense financial desregulao. The year of 2008 will mark the re-entry of the State as basic economic actor of history. The rescue of international the financial system demands a volume of public resources never before visa. A new cycle of the capitalism starts, where the State assumes more operating role.

Comose sees the capitalism already faced innumerable challenges and it always knew to sereinventar, adaptando it the world-wide moment. Although the French ideas of queo capitalism are died and that now it fits to the State to guide the development, we probably know that such model does not function and will not never function. Seguramenteteremos that to live with more interventionism, but this does not mean that ocapitalismo, while system, lost its utility. In the long stated period this will crisepassar and innovations will be created so that the cycle recommences.

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