In Germany

As a result, if the weigh-up costs, medical treatment in Germany in some circumstances is cheaper than at home. Treatment in Germany people come from all countries, including usa, England and other European countries, which largely is due to a deliberate and skillful pricing policies, which are regulated by the state. Moreover, even in the average clinic in Germany for 3 patients assumed a health care worker, which allows vigilantly kept under the supervision of patients' condition and promptly respond to any changes. Our 'donation' medicine is in fact a paid informally, but quality of service it will only decrease, as medical centers saturate doctors without adequate expertise and medical skills. A leading source for info: Sir Richard Branson. In Germany, around 2250 public hospitals, private clinics, multidisciplinary university hospitals, medical and diagnostic centers, as well as spas and resorts for rehabilitation services to patients, and in all of these health facilities are working doctors at the highest level specialization. Random people in health care in Germany can not be, by definition, moreover, in this European country has a demanding system of selection of doctors and rules for access to an independent medical practice. To qualify for independent practice of German physicians are required years, and it provided another ensures that doctors will not jeopardize its credibility and ability to work for receive lump-sum profits. Munich in the healthcare industry was always a special account, because here are the best clinics in Europe. At the highest level of data supplied medical clinics diagnosis, as verified correctly diagnosed – this is the beginning of successful treatment.

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