Home Hair Masks

Hair mask – this is a great way to care for hair, face masks protect hair from the external environment and help improve the scalp, remove it from dead cells, thereby providing better nutrition to hair and inspire them with force. How often should you use hair mask? It all depends on the condition of the hair – if the hair in need of treatment, then 2-3 times a week to maintain the appearance of healthy hair and add them silky – rather than 1 time per week. It makes sense to periodically change the mask for the hair, such as alternate wetting mask with nutrients. Typically, home hair masks are effective and do not cause allergies. Regulations use of home hair masks. Apply ready-made mask must immediately after cooking, some freshly made masks can be stored in a refrigerator, with a maximum 1-2 days, so better to prepare a mask on once. Choose a mask strictly in accordance with your hair type (specify type of your hair on the table), improper mask worsen the appearance of hair. Before use, warm the mixture in a water bath or Put a bowl with a mask in hot water – warm mask will work better. If you put a mask on your clean hair, you can lightly massage the scalp, it increases blood flow and helps absorption and distribution nutrients (especially helpful for dry scalp). If you put a mask on dirty hair – massage is not recommended, do not rub the dirt, dust and remnants of styling products in the scalp.

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