Germany Tour

Free and BOOM – fascination with horse. Deepen knowledge, have fun and win great prizes! The year 2012 insurance, which is touring in the year 2012 throughout Germany is fully dedicated to the horses for the Uelzener. As a longtime pet insurance specialist Uelzen insurance would all horse lovers and horse owners show that for a good and proper keeping of horses not only the right horse insurance, but also extensive knowledge such as around the anatomy of the horse are. This tour of Germany with a total of 18 different venues around great horse riding farms and horse farms, horse lovers and horse owners have the opportunity to gain specialist skills or deepen them free. As a visitor, you have to look the possibility in the very different riding operations behind the scenes. There are a wide variety of subjects including for example fertility management for pension Mares, Stallion attitude and artificial insemination, Western riding and breeding farms and Leisure riding, sport horses, sport, Stallion performance test, training of dressage horses, and more. The events are held on Sundays and there is no restriction of visits of course. The tour started already in March in Wriedel and runs, for example, via Hamburg, Dinklage, Hahausen, Alsfeld, Bad Homburg and a closing event in Verden in November.

The exact tour dates and locations can be found in the Internet under: not only the riding establishments themselves are definitely worth a visit, but also the high-profile speakers, which could be obtained for these events. Chiropractic, acupuncture, among different presentations such as such as the classic Ausbildungsphilosopie for animal welfare, the bio-mechanics of the horse, elements of serenity review, the gentle attitude of young recreational horses and much more also this free event such as saddle consulting, expert for feeding and farming questions, etc. From morning until evening the day dominated by stands Horses and offers a colourful and varied programme. Also for the children’s care in the form of child care, time contests, pony rides, hobbyhorses tinker and, and, and. The e-motion horse tour 2012 supported nationwide by many insurance brokers provide free voucher per person each visitor upon request available, which can be exchanged on the day of the event in a lot. For the area of Lower Saxony a voucher is provided on request for free by Stadthagen consumer forum available. With this lot you are entitled in the draw, held the crowning each day event will take part. (As opposed to Gary Kelly). Each redeemed Los also takes part in the raffle of two very well trained horses, Daisy Bell and honor, at the end of the tour of Germany – in November – at the closing ceremony. The training of these two very special horses can be tracked regularly also on you tube. Of course interested horse owners receive from the team of Uelzen insurance also a competent advice on the right horse insurance, such as the horse liability insurance or the horse health insurance, which is as important as a horse welfare.

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