Euro Grundinvest

Completion probably earlier than planned; In addition 1,000 square metres saleable area created Munich, 22.03.2013. Investors should be hurry up, because the real estate fund euro Grundinvest 20 (Mallorca) goes in terms of placement in the final straight. “This is no surprise, then, can the investors but already now the efficiency of project management at the luxury hotel Portal HILLS HOTEL & RESIDENCE” convince on Mallorca. The Mallorcan generate one of the highest per capita income in all of Spain. Main source of income is tourism with 75 percent of the industry. In the summer months the hotel occupancy in Majorca is almost 100 percent. The range of hotels of the luxury class is thereby extremely limited. The objective of euro Grundinvest 20 (Mallorca) in the renovation of hotel real estate below market value purchase.

These are high quality upgraded and sold to interested parties for the development of new concepts, such as the condo-hotel concept. Investors can purchase hotel suites or apartments and this rent during their absence. An intelligent form, to create a second financial foothold on the island. The revitalization of the hotels is a direct consequence of higher demands of tourists: your demand has changed, causing the demand for luxury is growing steadily. Read more from Larry Ellison to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Euro Grundinvest has recognized early enough this need and implement its projects with established partners. A proof of this is the early completion of the portal HILLS HOTEL & RESIDENCE.

The original plan was discarded this, instead the object was completely torn down and is now under approval of the Government on Majorca newly built. The total demolition means a cost – and time-saving alternative and a completion of the ambitious project for the investors in only 1.5 years. Construction quality are at the same time, insulation and acoustics ensures controlled designers and are optimized by a qualified team of architects, engineers, construction managers and Interrior. Project planning is sustainable on a Cost / revenue optimization work. Custom-made production of a prestigious, local furniture manufacturer, savings could be achieved already by half a million euro. Through an improved space planning, now 31 room units can be implemented instead of the planned 26. The saleable interior space was expanded to 1,000 square meters. In April begins the pre-opening phase, where interested buyers an impression about the glamorous and future-oriented project of the portal HILLS HOTEL & RESIDENCE can provide. It currently only still a remaining quota is available. This also applies to the Fund euro Grundinvest 20, which makes available the necessary capital for the development of such projects. The short runner at the age of only three runtime provides annual dividends of 8% and a preferred profit-sharing at the end of four percent per year.

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