Enjoy gardens and parks, perfectly planted landscaped due to a correct planting of grass, or the direct placement of sod in the form of mats, it is a pleasure to view and develop certain leisure activities, both recreational and sports. The production, sale, distribution, seeding and placement of lawn in breads and seeds, in all its varieties, can become an excellent venture for anyone who seeks, in addition to a good profitability, perform a job that makes you stay connected with nature through an independent activity, within the framework of green spaces; for the intelligent entrepreneur, it is important to earn good money, and enjoy a good quality of life enjoying the business undertakes. If you do not have fields or nurseries for the production of the varieties of grass, the entrepreneur can devote to buy, sell, distribute, place and/or sowing grass; becoming an important link in the chain of distribution of this item. If does not have of knowledge, the entrepreneur shall report, advise or take courses in design of parks, gardens, landscaping, etc. maintenance and incorporate knowledge of the behavior of different species of grass, its treatment, correct planting, placement and maintenance of green spaces planted, then you may contact turf growers and nurseries that sell seeds and bread of grass to the wholesalein establishing trade agreements that allow you to have suppliers of seeds and natural pasture breads, to perform a good service to their customers. There must be a not very important capital to start the business as a Distributor, but a proper equipment, will be more efficient, complete and successful the final service to the consumer. Who ordered buy lawn in breads, seeds, with or without their placement? : owners of houses and fifth individuals to their gardens, the State for parquizar squares, parks and other public places, private companies that have small, medium or large expanses of green spaces to plant and maintain, sports clubs for their tennis courts, stadiums or fields of golf, football, rugby, tennis; clinics, hospitals, schools, resorts, grills and restaurants that have green spaces to the outdoors, countries, gated communities, private neighborhoods, clubs field, among other clients.

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