Design Studio

THE evolution of your services is never more see our competition is new in services, see alliances, partners who are developing or cluster, know if the trend is toward diversification or specialization and analyze our own strategy to follow from that perspective. Thanks to this research we can realise our competitive weaknesses in services, may be that we are falling short in the definition of our business, for example: If we define ourselves as a web when perhaps Design Studio would be better a performance that offers web solutions, design, hosting, SEO, email marketing, etc. And so highlight each of those services. ITS prices and rates may be that we are losing some customers by ignoring levels of prices charged on the market averages, or may also be that we are being very economical in other services, even possessing more marguen of revenue. Keep us up to date with the market rates also makes us more competitive, allows us to define our position with regard to the competition and take the relevant decisions on a possible strategy of differentiation or positioning of the quality of work and service that we give. THE opinions of the other towards them not no better way to learn about the merits or weaknesses of our competition that the views of people who have worked with them. Know these views will help us to strengthen our offer of services, trying to distinguish ourselves in what others are weak. In this case also it is useful to know what is said of us and try to correct the things that could be affecting our image and projection. WORDS end monitor the dynamics of our market and especially the strengths and weaknesses of our competition, it is a very useful tool to define our brand positioning strategy, taking parameters to know how and in what aspects we have greater opportunities to distinguish and position ourselves to generate new business.

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