Christian Kalkbrenner

Example 1: A company in special construction work. It produces technologically extremely sophisticated systems that run extremely low-maintenance and have a long service life. Now, it could make a bond in nature that combines complexity, low maintenance and durability. The shell of a tortoise is rather intimidating, but the leg of a flamingo releases already very different associations. But this picture is probably too delicate. The company in the search goes one step further, it could a comparison with the human heart go and come to the following conclusion: “a machine such as a heart. Complex, long-lasting, reliable.” Classical statements such as “flexible” and “innovative” pale next to this image of violence.

Example 2: A luxury hotel attended 80% of businessmen, that usually only one or two nights and not very attention to costs. The hotel considers its guests and their spending as its most valuable asset. Konsequentzu end thought it could consider its guests as diamonds and also call: “only for diamonds.” The customers will feel confirmed with this core statement and the hotel can steadily expand its luxury position in the implementation of this claim. Example 3: A city consciously want to tighten the founder company, because she trusts most in the next few years are expanding, and it can grow then structurally. Founders are pioneers with idealism, commitment to innovation and energy: gold rush atmosphere is actually modern Helden.Es. Then you could formulate it accordingly: “Model city – the Eldorado for young high-tech entrepreneurs”.

Use your creativity muscle the examples are deliberately simple and striking. But all three examples each contain a term that allows an association. Because a picture says we know that more than a thousand words and not long needs to be explained. The examples should show you on how this magic unfolding terms in the B2B area pointedly and effective can be used. There are no limits to the creative design. Who uses this procedure to set his company more effective scene, can use very extensively this trump card in the communication on the Internet, in the trade fair appearance, etc.. It is not just the word of a picture. It can be maintained in all directions, and can be expanded. Then there is authentic and not a short-term dead giveaway. Who’s so happening is parts its competition for an extended period in seven miles boots. Good luck! Christian Kalkbrenner

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