Banner Exchange Network

How do banner ads on the network: 1. Do you find such a network and register with them. Registration is usually free. But you can not avoid, if your site has a very small rating. 2. Give you a special code.

The code you put on your website. 3. Log into your registered account. And do a little tweaking: the number of banners to be displayed on your site theme, etc. 4. Where you installed the code, banners began to appear. 5.

These shows piling up in your personal account. You can then sell them or to order your banner ads. Features banner networks: 1. First of all, they vary in size banners. The most common and popular size is: 88 * 31; 468 * 60, 120 * 60. In addition to these there are a large number of banner sizes. 2. There are also networks that specialize not in normal graphics, but the flash banner. Now this area of advertising begins to gain momentum. You probably do not notice the time very beautiful banners or popup flash, which crawl when loading sites. These banners are made using Flash technology and are called rich media. 3. Networks also differ in subjects. For example, automotive, business, erotic, computer, etc. There are other differences such networks, but they are less important. The disadvantages of participation in banner exchange services: 1. If you are involved in such networks for In order to display your banner, you know it’s an ineffective way of advertising. Our users have become accustomed to such kind of advertising. This is worth doing unless you have a banner, on which no one can tear sight. According to statistics, the response banner is a few percent. For example, if the banner will see 100 people and will press only 5, it is considered a great response. This means your banner is made perfect. 2. If you are taking part for in order to then sell these shows, the pre-warn you that these shows can sell for pennies. To make good on this need to have your site visited by 500 people a day. And the banners do not need to put the smallest 88 * 31 and the largest, for they make more money. And if you turn your site into a gallery of advertising banners, it will lead to dire consequences. Here is for example the cost of buying 1,000 impressions banner size 468 * 60 in a popular banner network. The cost is only $ 0.05. But at least they have found is $ 3. Calculate is not difficult to earn at least $ 3 to show a huge banner on the site of some 60 000 times! But, as I mentioned above, there networks that specialize in flash banners. Here for shows such banner you will pay several times more. But again, it will take you to your dear guests. Because these are very attractive and banners beautiful. If your site is visited by 500 people a day, I do not recommend using this way of earnings. With this number of visitors you can earn on other more effective ways.

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