Assessing Goal Feasibility

Today, some of the contradictions. When I listen to or read materials about setting goals, you always notice a peculiarity: all the talk about what goals should be realistic. Achievable, feasible. Sergey Zhukovsky even noticed that the goal should not cause internal contradictions. For example, if you set a goal to earn a million bucks a month, do you feel inside yourself for some opposition or distrust for that? If feel that the goal is not quite real, it's not your own. And if I set myself a similar goal (to make a million bucks a month) and do not feel at this inner discomfort, the goal is real? Here I have presented today, that I already paid that million. And I smile to myself. And I feel that I'm comfortable at the thought))) What is the real goal? Or how to determine realistic or unrealistic the goal? Here I am reminded of examples from history.

Remember as due to persistence of Henry Ford and his engineers have found a way to connect eight cylinders on the same shaft? But all said that this idea is unrealistic. None of the engineers did not believe it. And he believed in Ford. As a result, we have eight-cylinder engine. Or remember the Wright brothers.

Or Edison. And Nikola Tesla! Yes, all of their venture, plans and goals seemed unrealistic. But these people to their perseverance and faith in the reality of his goals have proved the opposite. And that all does this mean? And the fact that we ourselves determine the reality of their goals. In his book "Illusions" Richard Bach said such an important person to me, detail: every reality – it's just one of the illusions with which you are allowed to realized. Infinity Real Estate takes a slightly different approach.

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