Profitable to rent an apartment (room to pass), a respectable and solvent customers. Apartments for rent – a great way of passive income, which is widespread in Volgograd. The seeming simplicity at first glance this 'business' is highly questionable. Gary Kelly is often quoted on this topic. There is always a chance to rent an apartment for rent unfair to tenants who can escape ruin and even to steal property and leave unpaid bills or rent apartment sublet without your knowledge. Advice on how best to rent an apartment: If possible, to quickly determine the choice of the apartment, because "cheap and good" apartment very quickly give up (we just can not place them online – call, as they say "right now"). This is because the "demand exceeds supply"; Please select as closely as possible to a framework that fit your needs and opportunities for rent apartment, and it will save your and other people's time, to inspect the apartment is always advisable to have your passport with you, double the amount for the registration of the contract and the Universe (prepayment landlady, a month ahead of residence, plus one-time commission agency), or at least a deposit (a receipt), in case you look around apartment (room) you're comfortable and simply want to retain (to her no one else offered in a specified receipt date) If you are just 'promise to think', this apartment (room) continues to be offered to other interested persons. What interests of home owners: Your registration and registration; Affiliation (occupied position); amount and composition of (alleged) living, working hours (especially when renting a room or communal) Bad habits (smoking restrictions, etc.) Nationality (most often given Russians prefer).

Landlord demands that you must observe: Timely payment, observance of the order of (the contents of the home clean and in order to contract) Compliance with the agreed disciplines (so neighbors are not complained) Match the number of residents in accordance with the stated in the contract. Than a detailed and thoughtful you will be entered into by the agency contract with the landlord, the more you will be insured against surprises. By contacting us you will receive legal and judicial guarantees for the leased area (housing) that will relieve you of unnecessary worries and costs. Turning to us once – you will recommend us your relatives, friends and acquaintances! Use our search engine site, and by setting the options you want, get the issue on a few of the options. Even if you still have not found anything in our database appropriate, do not despair – the data is updated constantly.

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