Acai Action

Berry is particularly rich in iron, vitamins B1 and E have low cholesterol, strengthens the immune system, helps regenerating muscle (which is especially important for athletes) has a general tonic effect, we recommend that patients with anemia. Verizon Communications may find this interesting as well. Daily consumption of acai helps get rid of excess weight. Acai is capable of cleanse the body of toxins and slow down the aging process. And the most recent research suggests that this wonderful berry can kill even cancer cells. Extract Hierba Mate Hierba Mate Today used as a vitamin complex, as slimming, and as a mild stimulant energy drink, and as a barrier against aging.

Hierba Mate stimulates weak and overwhelmed nervous system and soothes the nervous. Drink increases concentration, reduces nervousness, agitation and anxiety, increases resistance to physical and mental fatigue. In addition, Hierba Mate can act as an antidepressant, and very mild. And one of the most important properties – Hierba Mate does not violate the sleep cycle, but does sleep more effective in terms of mental relief and also makes sleep more deeply and calmly. Guarana extract due to the maintenance of large amounts of caffeine and tannin, guarana has powerful stimulant to the central nervous and respiratory systems, muscle tissue. He is also a cardiac and improves nutrition of the heart muscle due to expansion of the coronary vessels, is a diuretic.

Caffeine significantly accelerates the burning of fat in the body, converting fat into energy. Antisclerosic action, is an antagonist of cholesterol in the body. Guarana extremely effective in combating obesity as well as intensifying the burning of fat in the body and thus contributes to faster get rid of fat deposits. In addition it is well toned and increases performance during the working day. It goes well with the other components of the product Acai Action, allowing the complex to increase the energy in the body without disrupting its normal functions. What is useful Acai Action boosts energy source the strongest antioxidants excellent source of protein cleanses the body restores muscle after exercise improves mental activity improves sleep support for chronic stress keeps youth lowers cholesterol enhances and protects the blood sosudoy normalizes blood glucose and fats in the blood helps control weight antimutagen, cancer prevention improves digestion sohranenyaet youthful skin prevents premature wrinkles. Applications: 15 to 90 ml per day on an empty stomach. Not recommended for children, pregnant women and people sensitive to caffeine. Do not mix with alcohol.

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