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Venture Investment

'Venture Investment – it is highly risky instrument with potential for high returns. On the one hand, it gives a high yield of magnitude, while the other – has low liquidity. Low liquidity due to both objective and subjective reasons Clients is not recommended to invest in venture funds for more than 5% of their portfolio "Simply put: win may exceed your expectations, but at a very low probability of receiving it. If you serious about your financial health, then the choice of the company belongs to, how to choose a doctor: If you need a doctor, to whom you refer? To mediocrity specialist without specific achievements to the doctor with a large experience and impeccable reputation, or to an unknown novice with no experience, but who swore to complete healing by using its revolutionary super-duper techniques. I think the answer to the responsible person obvious.

As figuratively a former pilot: 'When we were talking about the possibility of network marketing, we had a feeling that before long we wandered through the woods and now we have brought to the airfield. And on the field are different planes, that allow people to get off the ground. Naturally, we chose the largest and most beautiful airplane. " Now another point. After selecting a company should take a responsible approach to the choice of the sponsor (sponsor line). On who and how You will be helping not only depends on your start, but in many ways, and overall success. It's like when training for driving courses: an organization, and instructors are different. Therefore, once your potential sponsor will tell you about Company, product and about how much you can get in this "great company under his strict guidance, give it 2 more questions: Whom you will need to be to get as much as he (the sponsor) will be able to help you with this So, if you have confidence in the relevance product company reliability, ethics and competence Compensation Plan sponsor, is left to decide the latter question – personal. Are you ready to act and invest your time? If you are ready – then act!


I remember a few months ago a good friend of mine was driving his vehicle in the early hours of the morning after leaving a nightclub in the city. At that time it is normal that the streets are desolate and therefore ventured to cross a red light, but to his surprise came out of nowhere another car sending him a huge impact on the corner of a shop nearby. The next day I learned of the accident, I called to ask how she was and what I said was, “Thank God nothing happened !…. Also the car was insured.” It seems that when it comes to vehicles, people are very much in agreement to buy insurance. This is because no matter how good conductor is a person, there is always a very high risk of an accident either negligence or self-employment. Normally most people consider their home and their vehicle as their most precious investment, which is why the vast majority are inclined to purchase insurance to protect those investments.

In my view buying insurance is a wise decision, not only because it is protected, but because you can sleep peacefully. Did you buy insurance for their actions in the bag?. Ensuring its shares on the stock culture of insurance Although applies very well for tangible goods is apparently not so popular when it comes to stock market investments. Most people buy shares on the stock without knowing that there is an insurance policy that can protect against the fall in markets, in other words the vast majority of street investors place their money in short positions.


You can draw an analogy with the harvest. In any case, the owner of a good kind of harvest leaves for the next year, so that was what to plant in spring. But too much of the resulting crop is spreads, but so that the spring once lived. And if the harvest was excellent, everything will be fine – and the crops will be and will always be covered with a table. And if you turned a bad year, bad, then not all eat and not leave the reserves, because the next harvest will not be or will be a little bit. In this case it is particularly important to maintain reserves for future cultivation of the crop, even forced to have to stay hungry now. Yes You can go on to another road – eat everything, to hire more skilled to a neighbor than you would get for their work some money.

But the problem is that most hard-working period is limited to age. And the profit from working at his uncle usually have some limits. As a result, this road will lead to what we are seeing now is very often – people karyazhitsya to the last, in fear get the ax, because the current pension gives a bleak existence, but in no way deserved rest somewhere in the tropics. But working people are also engaged in a kind of investment. They invested their labor and time in his retirement, when get to live on income from her rest.

Unfortunately, as this sometimes happens, the contributions have not been promising, and our state – a very bad subject for this kind of investment. Hence, it turns out that we should not engage in investing? Naturally, no! Save money and invest – the overriding objective of the road to financial independence and freedom. But to do this process to some purpose in life, deprived themselves, if only podnakopit more money, not worth it! Money – it's just a tool to help implement their plans and fantasy purposes. So, be out of their money to make a pleasant process. Behold, I have been using a simple rule "Pay yourself first." Upon receipt of any income of a small immediately have put an investment account (I use the stock). The remnants can live almost exactly the same. To charm, to settle in at home in the accounting department where I see how the expense is added. Thus, investment look like transfer from one account to another, and feeling a lack of money away from you almost do not have. Quite the contrary – warms the soul, that koltchestvo money in the investment account is constantly updated. And do not deny yourself everything, saving each penny. Life is once, and it should be so, then to not be unpleasant. Live life to the fullest and remember myself. Good investment!

Employment Investment

Companies investing in the energy sector are eligible for additional tax cuts, depending on the percent of investment. Investment Scheme for energy saving is relevant only for the equipment, which coincides with the special requirements for performance (SAC) of energy. These requirements, as well as equipment that falls under the jurisdiction of the investment scheme, introduced in 2007 List of Energy, which is reviewed annually. Farba aim of this scheme – to encourage investment in improved working conditions. Incentive of the subsidy – a reimbursement for equipment that improves working conditions.

The scheme applies only to equipment that is included in the list of Farben, which is published by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. List updated annually and published, it includes equipment which: reduces or prevents contact with hazardous substances, reduces or prevents exposure to noise, reduces or prevents physical load. BBMKB Purpose Plans Warranties lending to small and medium businesses – to promote credit support of small and medium businesses. The scheme was designed for companies with a maximum of 100 jobs and it is used even the most experienced entrepreneurs. If the employer can not provide sufficient guarantees for a bank loan or to provide documents proving the availability of collateral, the bank may apply in BBMKB for the necessary guarantees. Then the government under certain conditions will give the necessary guarantees on the part of the loan. This reduces the risk of the bank and increases the client’s creditworthiness.

KIA declining investment in The equipment gives the entrepreneur the right to decline investment in production equipment (in 2007, this reduction exceeded 2100 euro). You invest in equipment that you buy it. Decrease in Investments Equipment is only valid in the year of purchase of equipment.

Baltric Index

The three purchases I recommend you make are DRYS Dec 8 Calls (OOCLH), Jan 9 DRYS Calls (OOCAI) and finally EXM March 8 Calls (EKNCH). The first two would have to triple their money without problems while the latter is not as safe as the other two triple your money but if you double it. These options do not yet made their most positive movement, so we have time to climb the ship of these three transactions. Transporting stock to explode. Blatric Dry Index tracks all the international prices on shipping charges in different amounts and can be taken as a Pointer on the global demand for these commodities. Besides the strong growth of Baltric Index shows that it is forming an opportunity to invest in commodities. This index also behaves as a kind of thermometer on the industry, allowing us to also know are behaving as stocks in the sector.

Beyond the index had its ups and downs for months ago, now is growing continuously which this makes them think they form a rally in this sector. This genre and growth rate of 25%, adding 11 days ago had no ups and downs, but grew in each session. The index is threatening to break once again and continue its bullish path. As we discuss this index is a good indicator of how actions are related to sector. To be to break again this includes some interesting movements com actions which I am recommending them. The actions of this sector are at the ideal time to generate an extra 10% in intraday movements as they did in the past when the BDI index figure was shown as now. Time to put these purchases. The three call options I recommend are still very good opportunities to triple your money.

1) Dec 8 DRYS Calls (OOCLH) is currently trading at 55 cents, but if you invest now would be tripling their money. 2) Jan 9 DRYS Calls (OOCAI) also being traded at 55 cents and are offering very good returns for their money. Investors institutions are taking a stand on purchase these options. 3) EXM March 8 Calls (EKNCH): These options are traded at $ 1.05, having to double your money if you invest. So the smart money is positioning in these options as well. Do not miss this opportunity are to provide these options at any time.