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Government Hour

We can mention the value of the persistence in transaction is really superior to the one dollar million that already we said will be inverted in the acquisition of equipment for the transformations of the city … not excessively to stand out the position in will come to be our city with this notable urbanstico impulse, that will serve occasions to demonstrate it of the progress. (1976, p.3) After the periodical Post office of the People to notify the workmanships in Porto Alegre, emphasizing the speech of progress of the welfare state, the periodical Zero Hour divulges a substance, where the question of the agricultural exodus was primordial factor for the federal government, that is, the progress speech would cause for the agricultural population a possibility to improve its life conditions. In the central page of the periodical it is observed I appeal the government the agricultural supplying. Under the heading ' ' Mobilization of War ' ' it has Zero Hour, publishes the following one: Under the direct orientation of the President of the Republic they continue in the Palace of the Government the meetings of the technician that study the agricultural exodus. … the plan in long stated period is of extreme importance for the Nation, has the Rooseveltianos characteristics, with the New Deal, to reduce the unevenness between field and the city, establishing seno a parity between the agricultural and industrial spaces … the agricultural exodus is one of the main objectives, appears the examples of the Rooselvet solutions there.

(1976, p.14) In such a way the Post office of the People how much Zero Hour, published as already mentioned the looks of the military concerning industrialization and urbanization, that is, all the employed speech of welfare state, would come to be demonstrated in elapsing of the population manifestations. The periodical Zero Hour dealt with care the forms spreading concerning the insatisfaes of the inhabitants of the places reaching, however as form to brighten up the feeling of discomfort generated for the few stories that were transparent the situation of the removed families, the periodical in 1976, for example: The small street without stone pavement goes to disappear. In its place, the Cascatinha Avenue. The stretch of the Arlindo Avenue, that goes of the Ipiranga Avenue until Jose of the Sponsorship, makes to remember the situation of the peripheral villages of Porto Alegre. Enclosed in the project Renaissance, the small street without stone pavement goes to disappear to give to place the future Cascatinha Avenue. While the workmanships do not initiate some inhabitants resist the pressure to abandon the place. A majority does not have where to go and nor knows if the City hall anger helps it (…). (1976, p.6) the recurrent periods in this process concerning the expulsions of the families had generated and gradual fomented the future peripheries. Some factors had contributed for the advance of the peripheries in Porto Alegre, the first wave are tied with the mechanization of agriculture in function of the cultivation of the soy and the modernization of the methods of the cattle one made with that thousands of people migrassem for the capital in search of new professions, had come and been many of dismissed them. According to

Professor Emrito

Without forgetting the ghost new families in whom one does not have the people majors they relegate and them to the action of the State, or altruistic institutions. They park them after to have stopped being considered like productive. The demographic changes as well as the own one profile of the people majors of the 21st century advises a reframing on two basic questions: the threshold from which we began to consider major to a person and the possibility of making flexible the official age of retirement. The conclusions of these Days affirm that it is precise to harness a well-being model that constructs to independence between our majors, leaving the idea of oldness like deficit and fortifying the idea of the oldness like opportunity. One treats, to harness integration policies, that abran participating spaces and favor inclusive activities, incorporating the authentic concept of active aging that the World-wide Organization of the Health established in 2002. The participation in social, cultural, sport activities and of social voluntary military service contributes to maintain the subjective well-being between the majors; being essential to offer the possibility to them of taking active part where their needs are identified and they adopt there decisions that concern to them.

The people majors, employees or no, are before nothing citizen, with rights, obligations, capacity of decision and right to be the protagonists of its own oldness. For that reason, at the time of planning and programming, as much the Administration as the organizations of the civil society that are implied in their support and attention, must deliver an attack to listen and take care of what the own majors express between their desires, needs and preferences. The programs of education with people majors must start off what the majors already know and interests to them. To learn aid to the people majors to complete its vital project, reinforcing the commitment with the life that previously was had. The mental activity, the programs of healthful physical exercise; good habits of health and nutrition, a suitable network of satisfactory social relations, the corresponding self-esteem and certain level of social commitment are good elements of the healthful aging that all we wished. Without forgetting the utility the Centers of Majors and the methodologies that favor the transversality and the intergeneracionalidad, by the positives effects of both since the aging includes very diverse fields (social, sanitary, cultural, city-planning, environmental, security) and defends a society for all the ages. So that nobody can get to feel like a boy, locked up in an aged body, and that asks with terror and disagreement, What has happened? . Jose Carlos Garci’a Fajardo Professor Emrito of the University of Alcala of Madrid (UCM) Director of the CCS fajardoccs@

Writing Factory

In order to be able to count on the benefits of the Preparatory one Abierta the corresponding inscription by means of a request on watch completed in form on is due to realise line. Once realised it is necessary to pay by means of the Banamex Bank only at the time of beginning to give to examinations or by the duplicates of credential or certificate. The cost of the examination right is of 49 Pesos Mexican, a little more than 3 Euros. For the duplicates the price is smaller, since the proceeding of credential hill $ 29 and the one of certificate $ 37. The following costs of the courses correspond to the didactic materials of the diverse matters. In the first semester, between Libro and the Notebook of English I and the materials of Mathematics I, Writing Factory I, Methodology of the Reading, Modern History of the West and Methodology of the Learning pay $ 405, in addition $ 55 by the exercises to car evaluation. The second semester is almost $ 100 more expensive, since the investment arrives at $ 551. But for that they wish to increase their studies and do not have the necessary money exists a program of scholarships to resolve all the expenses related to the course, from the materials to the transport.

In order to maintain the benefit that covers all the year it must verify an advance on the part of the student. The scholarship is of $ 1,500 monthly ones giving itself bimonthlily. Although the student is not forced to finish the studies in a determined time, yes he will have to do it if he wants to maintain the benefit, reason why will have to credit the 33 subjects in 4 years, to an average of 8 annual matters. The people who can be chosen for the scholarship are the new recruits in the Baccalaureate nonSent to school, whom count on a Certificate of incapacity, those that do not receive another scholarship and that are of Mexican nationality.